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The 20/20 Experience

Seven years. We’ve waited a looooong time for Justin Timberlake to decide he could sing again, haven’t we? (I always think of this video). My running iPod now just skips over tracks from FutureSex/LoveSounds because they’ve been played and played …and played too many times. So like a lot of fans of his, I was giddy at the news of Justin’s new album, The 20/20 Experience.

After giving it a listen, can we all just agree we’re glad Mr. Timberlake is back? And back in a BIG way ( I’m already excited to hear about his plans to release a second 20/20 album later this year). Did I love all the tracks? Ehhhh…not necessarily. Strawberry Bubblegum—with its ridiculous lyrics and Barry White overtones—made me roll my eyes a bit. But on the flip side, I looooove Pusher Love Girl, That Girl (no doubt about his new wife, Jessica), and Mirrors. Overall, it’s nice to see Justin delivering an album that’s as smooth and polished as this new crooner image of his.

For those of you giddy souls who joined me in giving the album a good listen today, I’d love to know what you thought! What tracks stood out to you? I admit I was missing the club/dance vibe of FutureSex/LoveSounds, but I can get down with this soulful version of JT, too. Oh, and how many of you actually bought the CD/vinyl album of 20/20? I saw a couple folks mention on social media today this is the first CD they’ve bought in years. Crazy!