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Hey all….I’m not sure if I’m up to speed with making Odds & Ends posts a weekly installment on the blog yet or just whenever my inbox is overflowing with stuff I want to share with you all–which is the case at the moment (I email links to myself for these posts — how silly right?).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have a meet-up with my book club tonight (I LOVE those women so much and we’re discussing a book I really loved called Still Alice — review forthcoming!). On Saturday, Nick and I have a date! We’re hoping to see the new Tina Fey-Paul Rudd flick, Admission. (Because those two together in a film is my cinematic equivalent of PB&J). Can’t wait! And of course, I’ll be cuddling on my boy all weekend — we’re THISCLOSE to him mastering how to roll over, so I’ll be cheering him on like the proud mama I am!

Photo credit: Gabriele Galimberti