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It’s Mad Men Season Again!

Wellllllllll, did you all watch last night’s Season 6 premiere? What’d you think? Admittedly, as someone who is a HUGE fan of the show, I was disappointed (as I know many others were). It felt….slooowwwwww, right? My boss (knowing I’m a Mad Men connoisseur) even felt compelled to pop his head in my office this morning to ask, “Did I miss a season on Netflix or something?” He, too, felt as if we viewers weren’t getting a full story to start this new season — just odd little peeks at life since we left this gang last year.

But for those of you who’ve binge watched your way through the first five seasons of Mad Men, have faith! When you watch this series in real time, it’s a slow burn kind of viewing experience. At times, you can be so angry with its wunder-creator Matt Weiner for drawing its storylines out. But in a few months, if you were to go back and binge watch this season, I’m confident you’d be just as hooked as you were with all the rest!

So what were your stand-out moments from the premiere? How about that CREEPY conversation Betty had with her husband? Or what about Don losing his lunch at Roger’s mother’s funeral? I got really confused at the way they shot the doorman’s heart attack…oh, and if you, too, were thinking the woman Don ends the episode with looked familiar, well, that’s because it was Linda Cardellini (from Freaks and Geeks and ER)!

And the real reason I’m writing this post is to share with you that if I’ve learned anything from watching Mad Men religiously over the past five years, it’s that the Internet LOVES to talk about Mad Men. Every Monday, I look forward to the following reviews of the show —which ALWAYS make me think a little harder about (and love just a little more) this fabulous TV series! Oh, and in addition to these two sites below, this Vulture interview with Weiner on the premiere was a must-read for me! (Vulture also has their own page for all things Mad Men, just FYI)


What’s Alan Watching: Alan Sepinwall is my favorite TV critic on the Internet. His articulate, thoughtful reviews of Mad Men were what hooked me to following him on Twitter — but I also loved following his reviews for Friday Night Lights too … the man has good taste in what works on TV. I promise you his thoughts on the show will be part of your watercooler buzz if you let them….(Case in point: His observations about the lighter getting switched in last night’s premiere? TOTALLY missed the significance of that! Not to mention the way Alan helped point out all the doorways used in an episode titled as such…)

Tom and Lorenzo: This fabulous gay twosome delivers amazing commentary on Mad Men too. Their reviews of each episode are always, always must-reads for me. But even better than their reviews? The way they deconstruct, episode by episode, the characters’ wardrobes for the show. Don’t believe me? Pick just ONE of these style reviews from last season and prepare yourself for the obsession!

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