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Gatsby, Gatsby, Gatsby: Are you Ready, Old Sport?

You guys!!! It’s almost here! The movie event I’ve been waiting (like so many of you) MONTHS for is nearly upon us! The Great Gatsby premieres Friday and I’d love to know, do you plan on seeing it too?

I won’t be making it to opening night (boo!) but have plans for a weekday girls’ get-together soon to take in the film in all its 3-D splendor. I don’t even care that the critics aren’t being kind in their reviews … this is one I have to see for myself. I’ve been enamored with the novel since high school, the Jazz Age (and all its excesses and failings) is my favorite time period in American history and I lurrrvvvve Baz Luhrmann. With this cast, too, I just have a hard time understanding how this can go wrong!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to soak up all the ways in which Gatsby (Gatsby? What Gatsby?) has become this nation’s latest pop culture craze.

A round-up for you, if you please …

And just curious, how many of you are re-reading the book? I picked it up this week for the first time in years and am struck at how much I still love the story. I am such a fan of the way F. Scott Fitzgerald crafts sentences— a true literary genius. I have my old copy with the iconic cover that I love so much, but I found this New York Times story on the controversy over the book with the film’s tie-in cover to be an especially interesting one.

In keeping up with my trend of making May the month of all things Fitzgerald, next up on my reading list is Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, a new release by author Therese Ann Fowler. I have an obsession with the creatives who made up the Lost Generation (their spouses as well) and I have a feeling this book will hold my attention every bit as much (possibly more) as The Paris Wife did a few years back!